The Time is Now

time-in-a-bottleMy heart is burdened this morning. I feel the cold, damp canvas of this temporary dwelling closing in on me. My spirit groans for my eternal home.

Everywhere I go, vacant eyes stare back at me. The walking dead. A cacophony of voices saying nothing. Politics. Grammys. Choice. Rights. Entitlement.

It’s our fault. It’s their fault. It’s nobody’s fault.

All the while, the clock keeps ticking. Time is wasting — time that cannot be redeemed.

With each passing moment, hearts grow dull. Eyes go blind. Ears, deaf.

I want to scream.

Don’t you feel it? Can’t you see it? Listen! Don’t you hear Him?

He is speaking. He is speaking to us. His eyes are searching for hearts that are committed to Him — hearts He will make strong.

Open your eyes while there’s light enough to see. Stop listening to meaningless circular arguments that cannot be won. What good is it to win a small battle only to lose the war?

Whose side are you on? It cannot be both. You must choose. He is asking you to choose.

Life or death. Christ or self. God or the world.

Choose and then walk in your choice. Boldly. Unashamedly. Courageously.

You cannot choose Him and fail to walk. You must walk. Choose and then walk.

Your Voice