Jumping into The Kingdom

1411131202A riddle came across my path and got me pondering.

If there are 5 frogs on a log and 4 decide to jump off, how many frogs are left on the log?

Many moons ago, I knew a girl whose father was a skydiver. Given this awesome access, guess how many times she had jumped?  None. I know. Hard to believe, right? Here she had this ongoing opportunity to be part of a great adventure, and she never took advantage of it. Sensing my enthusiasm, she asked if I wanted to go. Well, that was a no-brainer! OF COURSE!

It was all arranged, and, when the day arrived, the parachuters explained to me that I couldn’t just go up and jump. New jumpers required training. The first order of business was going up in the plane to observe.

After putting a parachute on me and pointing out the rip cord, they gave me instructions. “You will be sitting on the floor by the door of the plane. When the jumpers step over you to exit the plane, be SURE to put your hand over the rip cord so that it doesn’t get pulled by accident. If it gets pulled, your chute will open and you will leave the plane.” Oooookay…Roger. Got it.

Up, up, and away. Positioned correctly, the jumpers made their move. They stepped over me, and they were GONE. I mean. GONE. FAST. LITTLE DOTS. Out of a PERFECTLY FUNCTIONING PLANE.

Uh. Yeah. On second thought, I don’t think so.

That was the first and last time that this girl has ever donned a parachute.

I had every intention of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. I had decided to jump. I took deliberate steps to that end by traveling to the jump site, putting on a parachute and even going up in the plane.

I truly believed. If you had asked me, “Are you going to jump?”, I would have answered, “Of course! Do you not see me in this plane wearing a parachute?”

However, the fact remains that despite my decision and genuine intention, I, like my 4 froggy friends, never jumped.

I couldn’t help but make a spiritual connection. Growing up, while my parents didn’t go to church or talk about God, I heard about Him. Later, I would have told you that I believed He existed. As I heard more about Him, I would have told you that I believed in Him and in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, I would have told you that I jumped fully into Christ following a long time ago.

Yet, it wasn’t until diligently seeking God that I found myself hovering over the vast expanse of His Kingdom with two choices before me:

Keep your hand over that rip cord. You will know about me, but you’ll never know me to the depths I am meant to be known. You will never really know the adventure I have created just for you.


Show me that you trust Me. Show me that you believe that what I say is true. Jump.

when I realized — I never had.

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