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Just an ordinary girl serving an extraordinary God.

black white close face 2-Long weary from shaken-fist syndrome, I wondered when my “abundant life” was going to kick in. If there was, as I had long suspected, more to life than this, I was fairly certain of two things:

  1. What I had wasn’t it.
  2. Jabbing at the air wasn’t bringing it. (Been there, tried that – over and over and over¬†again.)

Technically, I had “found” God decades before. The problem was that I hadn’t found abundant life.

Weren’t things like love, joy, peace, and patience supposed to be part of the package?

And what was James going on about? Was I really supposed to consider my trials pure joy? Joy?

And what about David delighting to meditate on His law day and night. What was that about?

Clearly, it was time – past time – for a fresh approach.

So, I made the decision to put Him first and pursue Him with all of my heart.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I would find.

After a period of seeking and a couple of tests – my suspicions were confirmed: there was more to Life – much, much, much more.

One day, as I took a step of faith, He, without warning, showed up in abundance. Quite suddenly, it all became so clear.

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